Memoriam to Dad

Father’s day is a tradition commonly celebrated in the US. I guess its been around a decade or two since father’s day has become popular here too. I never really caught on to the celebrations and more often than not would forget father’s day till the morning of the day, when mom used to remind me. I never got my father a gift or flowers for father’s day, but I clearly remember him taking us out for dinner every year on that day.

Its been 5 years since my dad passed away. 5 years where I’ve remembered him every single day, 5 years that I’ve remembered his smile, his jokes, his hugs and his kisses…oh how I miss those bear hugs of his, how I miss being his blue eyed little girl. I would give almost anything to get I hug from him today. But, all I can do is remeber him on this special day and tell him how much I love him and miss him.

I love you daddy – Happy Fathers Day!


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