Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Real’ transfer

A little late perhaps, but this news created quite a furore across the world. A $130 million transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. So how do I really feel about it?

To begin with I really like Ronaldo as a footballer. Watching him with the foolball is like watching poetry in motion. He literally glides and I haven’t seen anyone with that kind of grace and nifty footwork with the football in a long time. But having said that, he knows that he is the best there is and that’s where I think the move is going to be a wrong one on his part.

Real Madrid may be among the best clubs there is, but it is filled with big stars of the game, with even bigger egos. Everytime I watch Real play, I feel there is no cohesiveness in the team, everyone is playing for themselves, playing for their own glory. This is where football is the loser. I remember Beckham’s move to Real and I think it was the biggest blunder he made. I am afraid, Ronaldo’s move will go the Beckham way…

At United he is the star, he is the one who is counted upon to win matches. I don’t think that will be the case with Real… he will not be the apple of Real Madrid’s eye so to speak and how Ronaldo handles this, will have to be seen.

I for one, think it is a mistake for him to move to Real. If he does want to move, I think he should consider some other club…but then again what do I know, I am just a bystander.


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