The big Air India bailout.

$100 million are required to get the ailing national carrier out of the quagmire it finds itself in. It got me thinking, big banks and auto companies in the US asked for bailout from the government. When the government gave in, it created a lot of hue and cry over using tax payers money to save these beleagured companies. Everyone was held accountable and the tax payers were given all the information they needed as to how their money was used, and how it will be repaid back. But, here when news came out that the national carrier required $100 million to survive, we did not even blink. Not one citizen raised his or her voice asking how their money is going to be spent or why in the first place is our money being used to save the national carrier. Is it because, we are resigned to the fact that our voices won’t be heard, or are we really indifferent as to how our government works?

Whatever the reason, I think it is high time we wake and assign accountability to our leaders. It is high time we wake  up and demand answers.


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