Just another Michael Jackson post…

Where were you when you found out the King of Pop died? A question that was asked repeatedly friends. Well, I just got to work and logged on to the net, when I found out. So how did I feel…shocked – yes but not because he was dead but at the suddenness of it. I really could not see him as an old person. He was larger than life. My generation grew up on MJ. I remember, in the 1980s we did not have cable tv and all we had was a national channel that played songs from the west, late at night. MJ’s Beat it, I think is the song that introduced me to the world of MJ. Then came the movie Thriller…have scary memories of it :). I really got scared watching that movie…today I laugh at myself when I watch it.

Then came cable tv and MJ became this larger than life figure for us. We followed his life, its ups and its downs, his idosyncrasies and his ever changing apprearance. But most of all we loved his moonwalk. Looking back, I think what got most of our generation interested in music from the west was MJ. His dancing even changed the way dances in our movies were choreographed.

RIP MJ. No one will hurt you anymore or laugh at you anymore. But a generation will surely miss you.


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